This is a page to help organize and share various storylines. Creating a storyline here will make a separate page with all the tools needed to present participating characters, offer summaries, and give other details as well as index all logs related to that storyline.

These may be as simple as a handful of logs related to a character getting an IC promotion to an involved whodunit crime mystery.

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Title / Contact / Summary

Easy Tech Staff TechEase is looking to move into Calaveras, by taking over old underutilized building(s) downtown to renovate (demolish)
He Is Coming Olivia His path must be cleansed for His arrival
Horse Head Trail Fire Danny Lightning strike caused fire that has spread with shifting winds. The fire is large enough to warrant being registered on national lists. Along with a dozen or so other fires in Colorado, this one is close to Calaveras.
Oktoberfest 2018 Ethan Annual Calaveras Oktoberfest promises to be bigger than ever!
The People Vs. Johnny Slim Maddie A double homicide at a local Calaveras staple spurs an investigation down a dark and seemingly endless rabbit hole…
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