The People Vs. Johnny Slim
The People Vs. Johnny Slim
Type of Story: Murder
Contact: Maddie
Areas on Grid: Johnny Slim's Last Chance
Summary: A double homicide at a local Calaveras staple spurs an investigation down a dark and seemingly endless rabbit hole…

The story thus far:

Concerned locals and opportunistic activists stir a growing unrest in Calaveras after a double homicide at Johnny Slim's Last Chance, a rustic club known for its lawless cowboy atmosphere.

The police are investigating, but it's too soon to know any real details. In a town as small as Calaveras, though, the suspect doesn't have much place to hide…


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Our Logs

(2018-09-12) Seeing Red pt. 1
Franklin and Ashlea investigate a loose end related to the shooting. Seeing Red pt. 1 ...

(2018-09-08) Crimson Coke
Maddie has a job for Vincent. Crimson Coke Summary: Maddie has a job for Vincent. ...

(2018-09-04) Questioning the Witness
After the shooting, the witness must be questioned. Questioning the Witness Summary:...

(2018-09-03) Cowboy Dubstep
A rowdy night at Johnny Slim's ends in tragedy. 'Cowboy Dubstep' or 'BANG! BANG!' ...

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