Oktoberfest 2018
Oktoberfest 2018
Type of Story: Event/Festival
Contact: Ethan
Areas on Grid: Fairgrounds (temp room), downtown, all local businesses
Summary: Annual Calaveras Oktoberfest promises to be bigger than ever!

Oktoberfest 2018

September 27th-30th at the Calaveras Fairgrounds

Brought to you by the Calaveras Chamber of Commerce

Sponsored by:

The Boardroom
Paws & Claws Animal Hospital
Johnny Slim's Last Chance

OOC Stuff:

So, IC, local business owners would be familiar with Oktoberfest coming every year, and local residents would be used to the long weekend that accompanies it. The past 3 years, it's been getting more attention from the local Chamber of Commerce, becoming a big deal - not quite on the scale of national attention, but definitely reaching state-wide news.

The main event will be mostly a "show up and roleplay" festival on the 27th-30th, with a TP room created for the fairgrounds. Leading up to (and for several IC weeks/months prior to this), local business owners would be encouraged to participate by members of the City Council, event planners, etc.

If you own a business, you can:

  • Run or sponsor a booth - This would be good exposure for restaurants, bars, etc. You can have a booth at the main event selling food and drinks, or offering other wares.
  • Donate a prize for a raffle - Spa weekend, free stay, whatever.
  • Donate money as a sponsor - Just drop me (Ethan) a message in game, or just edit this and add your business to the little IC "sponsored by" section above.


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Our Logs

(2018-09-27) Oktoberfest Opening Night
Pickpockets and darts and beers and polka dancing. Oktoberfest Opening Night Summary:...

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