Easy Tech
Easy Tech
Type of Story: City incursion/unwanted development
Contact: Staff
Areas on Grid: Downtown
Summary: TechEase is looking to move into Calaveras, by taking over old underutilized building(s) downtown to renovate (demolish)

TechEase a computer giant that focuses on utility apps (such as the SocTech app to organize social media accounts of users) as well as local solutions (which is really just their tech support fixing something, not necessarily local).


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Our Logs

(2018-10-28) Pitch Meeting
Marcus and Maggie meet to discuss their progress in their personal battle against TechEase, and what...

(2018-10-24) Let's be friends :)
The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Let's be friends :) Summary: The enemy of my enemy...

(2018-09-28) Upon Arrival
Tech rising giant TechEase arrives at OktoberFest, to no small fare Upon Arrival ...

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