The Biscuit Lofts
The Biscuit Lofts
Location: Downtown
Type of Residence: Apartments
Owner: NPC
Description of Residence: Downtown loft apartments in a renovated biscuit factory.
Price Range: $$ - $$$


The Biscuit Lofts were built in a renovated biscuit factory which retains much of its history in an updated reconfiguration into trendy loft style residences. There are multiple floors which feature high ceilings, exposed brick, some of the original machinery which has been pressure washed and preserved as structural and architectural features, and big windows. Some of the smaller lofts on the second floor are more moderately priced while some of the larger lofts on the third and fourth floors are a bit higher priced, affording better views and different space configurations. The lobby features a receptionist desk and security guard at night, and visitors are required to buzz in before entering the building.

The first floor also contains the mailboxes for the various units, and the lower level includes laundry and storage facilities. Parking is located behind the building in a lot with reserved spaces and a few visitors spots.


201 - Owen Whelan
202 - Vacant ($$)
203 - Vacant ($$)
204 - Eliott Bell

301 - Vacant ($$)
302 - Angela Bell
303 - Edgar Hayes
304 - Vacant ($$$)

401 - Cassidy Carr
402 - Vacant ($$$)
403 - Juniper & Sage Landis
404 - Vacant ($$$)

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