Add a new residence:

A residence may be tagged to appear on the Calaveras main theme page as follows:

willow - Willow Heights
ash - Ash Park
cedar - Cedar Pines
oak - Oak Ridge
birch - Birchwood Estates
downtown - Down Town
granja - Granja Basin (NW outside of Calaveras)
hamrock - Hamrock Hills (SW outside of Calaveras)
dorado - Mesa Dorado (SE outside of Calaveras)
juan - San Juan Mountains (NE outside of Calaveras)

Get a Residence

You may claim any residence in a communal location; an apartment or townhome in a complex, a private home or mansion in an appropriate area of the grid. If you want a residence, please submit a request indicating location and details as desired (room # for apartments, street address for houses, name of a ranch, etc), include descriptions of desired rooms for the build with layout of exits as needed.

Here is a list of all residences, including housing and private residences:

108 N Cedar St Single Family (Genevieve)
109 Willow Lane Single Family (Joseph)
110 Willow Lane Single Family (Ashlea)
Blackmore Homestead Single Family (Wren)
Pecos Ranch Working Ranch (Holly)
Saminaw Row Townhomes
The Biscuit Lofts Apartments
Willow Heights Housing Low-income apts
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