Must OOC be 18 years of age or older to play.

Characters must be 18 years of age or older.


We are a consent based game, with the addition of ICA=ICC. In character actions having in character consequences.


There is no limit for alts on this game other than how many the player can handle. However, Staff may decide whether to allow a player to have more than the recommended 2-3.

When creating an alt, the following restrictions apply:

  • At no point is the alt to benefit directly from any of your other characters/alts.
  • Alts are not permitted to interact with each other.
  • In larger scenes you can bring more than one alt, but please adhere to the rule of no interactions.
  • Only one alt per player can hold a position of status, such as Chief of Police, Fire Chief, Governor, Chief of Medical Staff, Mediflight Pilot, Prominent positions in the community, etc.

IDLE Policy

While we appreciate it very much if you would give us a notice that you no longer wish to play a character if you decide to quit them, we understand the inability to do so sometimes. RL Happens.

Once a character has been inactive/idle for 30 days, they will be marked inactive on the wiki and placed in the freezer to be held for you in case you do return, saving your name and PB.

However, after 60 days of no logging in, we will assume you are not returning and add your character to the idle nuke.

We will not roster previously played characters.


While we are open in a live, persistent environment (MUSH) that utilizes a game system (FS3), we are not a game. Our primary focus is on collaborative story telling in the Adult Drama genre. This is, basically, slice of life RP like most television drama. Some of this is certainly more emphasized than real life for dramatic purposes, but Calaveras in no way will extend beyond the bounds of normal life. This means there will be no magic, occult, supernatural, robots, aliens, or the like showing up.


Don't do it. If your RP partner seems reluctant or uncertain, play it safe and ask before proceeding with something. If asked to stop by another player or staff, stop whatever it is you are doing immediately. Harassment will not be tolerated.


Our policy is simple, if it doesn't involve the entire town and/or require permanent changes to the city/grid, any player may run any plot. If a player wants it talked about in news, commented on, needs the grid altered temporarily afterwards, and the like, staff should be notified or at least a log posted of the event. If we don't know about it, we cannot accommodate any reaction/changes on the grid as needed.

Scale is hard to mitigate, consider the following examples:

Does not need staff approval:
A school shooting incident involving all responders on-line; a takeover of property from city or citizens in one area of city or outside of town; a serial killer; a drug trafficking ring starts using locations in Calaveras to move goods through for other distribution; a PC singer wins a major televised contest; a rock band shoots a video in town; the school board agrees to take in students from smaller communities that can no longer support the few students they have; a major ranch corporation moves in to contest land utilization rights by smaller ranchers

Needs staff approval:
A plane crashes through town, killing hundreds; a blackout affects the entire town; a blizzard that lasts for four days; mass flooding from melting and rains; a forest fire surrounds the town; a bajillionaire buys the entire town; a federal agency comes in to set up shop by sequestering numerous buildings; the president is assassinated in town

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