Yazmin Smith
Age: 20 (May 16)
Occupation: Student
Status: Snarky (now with added Sugar)
Played-By: Zendaya
Misc: Artists are here to disturb the peace

Yazmin was born to someone in Calaveras but she’s not sure who and she has no desire to find out. Entering into the foster system at an early age, it was all she ever knew. She is the kind of girl who comes from a broken home because she broke it. Sent from family to family, staying a few years before being sent off to the next one when her snark and general lack of social niceties became too much to bear. With such a background, is it any wonder she found her pleasures in solitary pursuits – drawing, writing, reading. The latter leading her into a sincere belief in the supernatural, though her layers of sarcasm and snark when in company may hide that fact. Her drawing and writing leading to an interest in doing her own graphic novels, which at least made her popular with the geeks. Her schooling was usually poor except where her interests intersected. Attendance was iffy, but she did graduate high school.

Her current family, the Smiths, put her up for a scholarship to UCC, and to Yazmin’s horror, she got it – affirmative action seems to work. Still living in the Smith trailer since her family takes most of the money, she is in her second year of a Fine Arts degree, though she finds the course restricting rather than elucidating. Yazmin is also looking for work to earn the money she doesn’t receive from her scholarship, preferably one that intersects with her interests.







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