Willow Giles Banks
Age: 18 (Jan 6)
Occupation: Office Admin - Grey Investigations
Status: Husband - Everett
Played-By: Lily Collins
Misc: I am an optimist. There doesn't seem much point being anything else.

Willow Banks was born in the luxurious surrounds of Willow Heights; her mother didn’t even make it to the hospital. Her parents were both in their mid-teens and Buffy the Vampire Slayer fans. It would have been much cooler to be named Buffy, but she ended up with Willow. At least that was better than Giles, though that is now her middle name. The rumor that she was named after Willow Heights because her parents saw a street sign after she was born is not true!

School was a luxury that she attended as much as she could but not as often as she should. Being bullied incessantly was hardly a good life choice, so she preferred to hang around the mean streets of Willow Heights. Though she managed to avoid drugs, she did get involved in petty theft, shoplifting, and car theft – being able to outrun police pursuit by fourteen.

Willow only has a few warnings on her juvenile record and she gave up on (most of) the crime life when her best friend was shot by gangsters when only fifteen. She had an epiphany. Where once she thought there was no future, she now is eternally optimistic, even annoyingly so. Life in Willow Heights might not be all that, but any life is better than the alternative. Still a tinkerer with cars and motorcycles, as well as a great driver, she has branched out into metal sculpture. Created from the trash of the neighborhood, not many local critics (i.e. the residents of Willow Heights) understand what they’re supposed to be, but she is able to express herself at least. Despite the eye-hand co-ordination required to drive as well as she does, on her own two feet she is quite likely to trip leaving the house and knock over shelves in a supermarket – Superklutz according to her mother.

School now an unhappy memory, and with no qualifications at all, she has managed to wheedle a job at Grey Investigations. Her role is office administration…and conscience to her employer.







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