Vyvyan Vydal
Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Maître Pâtissier
Status: Quo
Played-By: Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Misc: Pâtisserie Vydal

A reasonably recent arrival in town, Vyv's decided what Calaveras needs is a high-end pâtissierie. Or at least, he's decided it's going to get one. Aaaaany day now. The renovation's been plagued by delays, largely due to unsanctioned changes to the building done sometime in the fairly distant past. Vyv is not best pleased, but some things just can't be glared into compliance.

Seen in the world, he moves with grace and confidence and gives the impression he subconsciously expects the world will get out of his way — which is a little odd, since his appearance isn't notably intimidating. On the other hand, he does often give off a certain intensity, and has probably been accused of having resting bitch face. And sometimes not-resting. Virtually everything he wears looks notably well-fitted and well-made, which suggests a certain degree of affluence… or at the least, a certain degree of vanity.


  • Pâtissierie:Do you like pastry? Chocolate? Do you like to have your cake and/or eat it too? Drop by the shop. May also be up for potential masoch…apprentices etc.
  • Herbalism:Bioactive plant life! Fascinating, from tea to tobacco to tansy. And potentially delicious.
  • Fashion:Style counts for quite a lot. And yes, he's judging yours.
  • Accent:Definitely not from around here. Some kind of English?




Quick and cheeky. I do appreciate a strong aesthetic, even if it isn't quite mine. Notable shoe and accessory game.


Fucking fabulous. If nothing else, it's been more interesting around here since he showed up. Ships in the night, lately…



…what do I do with this?


Competent & discerning. Do I need a PA? No, but I don't need cashmere, either. Do I want a PA? Yes. Equally ideal.


(2018-12-26) Interview With the Flan Hire

Vyv interviews Wyatt for a kitchen position.

(2018-12-15) King and Queen of the Snow

It's pageant time, and Miss Snow Bunny's been replaced by the King and Queen of the Snow! Mitch may not have fully gotten the message. Our new monarchs are crowned, and only one contestant ends up in the ER — that's got to be a win, right?

(2018-12-03) Mindless Elf Indulgence

Xavier, Prisha, Cassidy, and Vyv run into each other at a snow sculpture contest downtown. But is it art?

(2018-12-02) Hello, Young Lovers

Vyv runs into Edgar and Owen at The Bone Yard, where there's a lot more focus on stalkers than strippers. And then, an Anthony arrives.

(2018-12-02) Beef and Broccoli

Chinese food and conversation. Everyone wants to see Katherine mad… though maybe not right now.

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