Victoria Olivia Carver
Age: 32
Occupation: Pediatrician
Status: Single
Played-By: Olivia Wilde

Likes: Trusting people, blood, children, intelligent conversations, superficial relationships.

Dislikes: Incendiary topics, police, nosy people, horror movies.**

Victoria's childhood ended abruptly with the murder-suicide of her parents. In the foster home she was known to be violent and lonely, but in being adopted by a couple of army vets Victoria finally found structure.

With them she learned about discipline, how to hunt, and little by little she gained control over herself, the energy she had before focused like a laser. Thanks to it Victoria managed to zoom past the many challenges most struggle with. Boyfriend? Right at the 'right' age. Grades? Easy A. Job? She was helping at the local grocery store during summer vacation, every year.

Life was easy, for a while.

Come college time one of Victoria's parents got ill, and their passing wasn't easy on the young woman. She dabbled into a plethora of things, from drugs to secret societies, losing herself almost as if naturally drawn to those places. Although she managed to control herself in time, a part of Victoria changed forever in college.

Now, years later, she is a perfectly functioning member of society.

That is, aside from a few nights, when she vanishes, and someone wicked vanishes. "Early bed" is always the excuse. Thankfully, nobody misses scum. At least they haven't, for now.

- Very good doctor and dedicated to her patients. Known to get involved in their lives if they are in danger.

- Very good friend and dedicated to her co-workers at the hospital.

- Somewhat shy, Victoria always declines to make public appearances if she can help it.

- Known for her empathy. Always there when tragedy strikes to comfort her peers.

- Votes Democrat, very progressive.

- Definitely doesn't have a sinister double life she is living.


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