Victoria "Vic" Grey
Age: 45
Occupation: Private Detective
Status: Smitten, Widowed
Played-By: Kim Rhodes
Misc: Owner of Grey Investigations
Song: P!nk - F'ing Perfect

Victoria is a local, born and raised in Calaveras. Her father was a police detective, his mother was one, and Vic planned to continue the trend. She got through the academy, met and fell in love with another cop who would become her husband, married, and was living happily ever after, driving her beat and studying for the detective exam. Then, 15 years ago, Evan was killed in what could only be a focused hit. And it had to have come from somewhere high up, because the department couldn't seem to find their own backsides let alone her husband's killer. His family had overseas business, which was the only lead as to why he'd be killed.

Vic quit the department, and drank. She went away for a few years to clear her head and went back to school, where she took some Criminal Justice and Law classes, as well as getting up to date on Computer tech. Then she got her PI license and came back to Caleveras a few years ago. She's been scraping by ever since, with a tiny hole in the wall shop for her detective agency and living in the worst part of town. She takes the cases no one else will, the ones that slip through the PDs fingers. There's a lot of photographing cheating spouses, but it pays the bills. She's changed a lot since she was a cop. Covered in tattoos, singing in bars when she's had a few too many, and tooling around on her rebuilt motor cycle, which she and Evan used to work on together.

Recently, she got sober, thanks to the intervention of her assistant, Willow, and her old high school acquaintance, Calvin Shay, now a rockstar. The rockstar is now her boyfriend as she tentatively reboots her life from a decade and a half of being an alcoholic.




(2018-12-02) Parents Just Don't Understand

In the wee morning hours after the rodeo, Calvin shows up at Vic's after an argument with his parents.

(2018-12-01) Rodeo (Charity) Drive

The Starr Family and Jackfield Stadium host a charity concert and rodeo exhibition in aid of the local soup kitchen and homeless shelters. Calvin Shay performs with a surprise guest; bulls, broncos, and sheep get ridden; and Anthony makes quite an impression.

(2018-11-30) Sober Companion

Vic asks Willow to move in and help her stay sober.

(2018-11-29) Scorched Earth and Kudzu

Calvin drops by Vic's with pizza, a movie, and news of a tough day. The day gets better.

(2018-11-22) Fire and Rain...and Turkey

Thanksgiving is celebrated a day early at Calvin's house on Starkweather Ranch. Vic and Willow meet his bandmates, there is singing, a turkey costume, and then schmoooooopiness! (Aw)

(2018-11-20) A Chance To Be A Dick

Vic wanders home after her night at Calvin's to find Willow, Everett, and more redecorations.

(2018-11-19) Crash and Burn

Calvin invites Vic to dinner after he has a tough night. She gets a tour of his home, a wild ride, and they're lucky they don't wind up in the hospital.

(2018-11-16) Operation Kitty Kat

Vic and Willow discuss Katherine's case, Thanksgiving dates, and rainbow unicorns.

(2018-11-13) The Mistake He Made

Calvin runs to Vic's after a shocking encounter. She goes from patient to caregiver.

(2018-11-05) Welcome to Detox

Day one of sobriety for Vic is not pretty. Especially when Willow and Calvin are there.
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