Uma Campbell
Age: 32 (Oct 21)
Occupation: Doctor - Private Practice
Status: Overworked
Played-By: Teresa Palmer
Misc: Our profession is the only one which works unceasingly to annihilate itself.

Uma Campbell is a Colorado native born in Denver. Her family are high middle class and were able to provide a secure and stable childhood for herself and her siblings. She went to private schools and was able to fit into popular cliques without becoming a mean girl. Uma did develop some oddities, such as an interest in professional wrestling (she knows it is fake but will never admit it and don’t dare tell her that). As expected by her family, Uma went down the medical career path. She attended the University of Colorado and gained her medical degree without too much trouble, though she was not near the top in her class. In another surprise to her family, she chose to do her residency in the armed forces.

Joining the Army, Uma spent a year in Fort Carson before being dispatched to Iraq. Overseas, she had to acquire more than medical skills. She learned to shoot and fight, and though her Hippocratic Oath made her adverse to get too involved in combat, one night she had no choice. Finding herself with a squad near Mosul, they came under an attack that lasted all night and left most wounded and some dead. She worked hard that night keeping people alive while also getting too close to comfort with the enemy. Though she survived without physical harm, she now has a fear of the night that keeps the lights on at her home.

Returning to the U.S., she opened a practice in Denver but soon despaired at treating rich hypochondriacs who only wanted to show off their platinum cards. Hospital work she would occasionally do, but she much preferred the work of a private practitioner helping the truly needy. After some research, Uma chose Calaveras as her destination, hoping to work with patients, rich or poor, who need genuine assistance.







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