Tyler Moore
Age: 20s
Occupation: Drug Dealer
Status: Taken
Played-By: Cameron Monaghan
Misc: Dumpster Fire

After his mom died in a fire and his dad ditched him for a second wife and a do-over family, Ty grew up on his uncle's ranch, and after graduation, he continued to help him out for awhile, but then his uncle sold the place and moved to Idaho, leaving Ty in the lurch. Ty's mental health isn't great, in part because of his messed up family, and sometimes he still has nightmares from the night he lost his mom.

Ty's one of those guys who was a big deal in high school. He was on the wrestling team, dated a cheerleader, and partied hard. He didn't have a plan, though, and after graduation he just sort of fizzled out. The cheerleader went to college and they lost touch, and one by one his friends seemed to drift away.

Ty has had a slew of jobs, from working at a feed store to repairing farm equipment and automobiles. It's not that he's not good at it. He's a great worker when he shows up. Too many mornings calling in hungover, though, and the jobs dry up and go away. It doesn't help that he's not great with authority figures.

Long story short, Ty ended up in a trailer park, barely able to make ends meet, and he decided to turn his partying hobby into a lucrative career. He sells drugs, just enough to cover his bills and leave him with a little fun money. He doesn't exactly have a lot of aspirations, let alone any need to get rich. He figures he'll go legit someday, get a real job and a real life. Someday. Maybe tomorrow, or the day after.

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