Tristan Ellison
Age: 24
Occupation: Principal Dancer, Colorado Ballet Company
Status: Single
Played-By: Rhys Kosakowski
Misc: Downtown Resident

Tristan Ellison grew up in Calaveras and began studying dance at an early age. He had a love of performance and his parents encouraged him to pursue his dreams of joining a ballet company. His mother was especially proud. She had been a gymanst when she was younger but had never fully realized her own dreams, so she fully encouraged them to live vicariously through Tristan. His father had hoped that he'd take up a more practical profession, but he admired his son's passion and dedication, and so grudgingly stopped trying to convince him otherwise.

Tristan also enjoyed skating as a child, and he also pursued figure skating when he wasn't dancing. In the end, it was dancing that won out and he joined the Colorado Ballet Company, and soon became a Principal dancer within the company. He was, however, a bit of a troublemaker, and somewhat of a handful to deal with. Still, he was a magnificent dancer, and so some of his shenanigans and pranking of the other dancers was tolerated.

He did well enough in school and was a popular kid, with a few close friends and many acquaintances. His studies continued online, however, once he began dancing full time, and eventually he completed all of the requirements for a degree in the performing arts.

During his studies, he accompanied a group of dancers to Vienna where he met Lorenzo and Nadiya and was very much impressed by the pair. He returned to the states and determined to practice even harder, to drive himself to be better. He had a little bit of a reputation for liking to spend a little too much time partying and fooling around, but he seemed to return from Europe with a new focus.

Unfortunately, there was an incident in Denver after a particularly late night out drinking with some of the other dancers. He won't talk about it, but it got him sent back home to Calaveras, temporarily suspended after the season of the Nutcracker ended, for at least two full months until he can return to Denver, if he returns to Denver.

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