Teija Harkonen
Teija Harkonen
Age: 27
Occupation: Gunsmith
Status: Unknown
Played-By: Obsidian Kerrtu
Misc: Gunsmith & Engraver

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(2019-01-25) Sticky and Sweet

I can't even, too much going on.

(2019-01-20) Aftermath

Elizabeth gets a visit from Teija while she's in the hospital.

(2019-01-19) The Raid

Law Enforcement finally raid the Guardians of Light

(2019-01-18) Guns for God

Teija visits Olivia to look over the Boddicker's records and gets an offer.

(2019-01-12) Ink and Lasagna

These two things don't go together, unless your name is August.

(2019-01-06) Engraver, Gunsmith

A little vignette in the tattoo shop, where Teija comes to visit August for a check-up & some collaboration.

(2019-01-06) Bad News

Olivia visits Teija in person to inform her of the fates of the Boddickers.

(2019-01-04) Guns and Crosses

Olivia is looking for a gunsmith to help with the cult investigation.
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