Talia Nassar
Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Owner of 'The Kush Kitchen'
Status: PC
Played-By: Jameela Jamil
Misc: "The Candy (Wo)man can, 'Cause she mixes it with love, and makes the world taste good" ~ Willy Wonka

At 5'11", Talia is tall and sleek, a long-legged and slender figure marked as feminine by the subtle trace of curves often made more pronounced by the clothing that she wears. Warm and dusky skin, a light cocoa in color, suggests a Middle-Eastern heritage, though her voice, crisp and clear, carries with it a prominent British accent. Long, ink black hair, unnaturally lightened with some darker chocolate highlights, tumbles in gentle curls down past her shoulders, with chunky bangs cut that help to frame her face. She has wide brown eyes and full lips that are often stained red.

It's rare to ever see her in anything aside from a dress or skirt of some sort, even in the colder months. Her clothing often ranges from loud to outrageous, with waist-belted dresses in unique patterns or quirky skirts and silk blouses in vividly bright colors. She almost always wears heels, adding another two inches to her height.


  • Willy Wonka of Pot. Talia owns the Kush Kitchen, the new small batch edibles store that is opening up downtown. She bakes and makes all her own creations.
  • Kinda Famous. Talia was a winner of one of the seasons of the Great British Baking Show! Yes, she's from London.


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