Dr. Sullivan "Sully" Tremble
Sullivan Tremble
Age: 39 (Nov 15)
Occupation: Medical Examiner
Status: Divorced
Played-By: Robin Tunney
Misc: Former trauma surgeon.

Dr. Sullivan "Sully" Tremble is new to Calaveras, Colorado (as of December 2018), hailing from New York, New York. A former trauma surgeon at Bellevue, she has since worked for a few years as a Medical Examiner in Manhattan, and is now in Calaveras as the newest ME at the Medical Examiner's Office. In the short time she's been here, she's caused a little bit of a stir in law enforcement circles, the halls of which seem to be her preferred hangout when not actually elbow deep in a body bag. She regularly surfs the PD's pastry selection, drinks their shitty coffee, and otherwise makes a nuisance of herself doing paperwork in whatever office has a free seat.

You might see her around town at the gym, taking long runs, wandering around at crime scenes while (or after) a body's present, or in any number of coffee/pastry shops eating pastry, drinking coffee, and generally happy to chat up anyone she runs across. Must be the endorphins and carb highs.

There are also some vicious rumors quietly circulating that she blackmailed her way into the position here in Calaveras, that she got some former partners killed in Manhattan, and that she hates cute puppies. Responders are such cranky hens.

Currently staying at the Stone Bed & Breakfast.


“Life contains these things: leakage and wickage and discharge, pus and snot and slime and gleet. We are biology. We are reminded of this at the beginning and the end, at birth and at death. In between we do what we can to forget.” — Mary Roach



(2019-01-19) The Raid

Law Enforcement finally raid the Guardians of Light

(2019-01-05) Covering Their Tracks

Acting on information from Teija, Olivia visits the gunsmith who decorated the cult's weapons. Sully is needed.

(2018-12-29) Low Affect

Coffee philosophy, shared cherry pie, super cold weather.

(2018-12-28) Work Worries

Sully and Olivia discuss various work issues while beating each other up.

(2018-12-23) Peace be upon you

Sully runs into a bridge troll during a jog around the campus.

(2018-12-19) Malakai's Revenge

Elizabeth gets taken by the cult after she's tagged in the shoulder with a bullet. Lonnie is an urban commando. Sully takes no shit. John and Misfit are scary. Wyatt keeps people from bleeding to death, and Mike just shoots people. It's chaos.

(2018-12-16) Naughty or Nice

The new M.E. is called to a festive murder scene.
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