Stanford "Stan" Everest
Age: 31
Occupation: Psychologist
Status: Single.
Played-By: Kit Harington
Misc: Former NFL QB for the Denver Broncos.

The QB of the future. That is until he suddenly retired and disappeared from the public eye. Not to be seen for the past years. Having taken refuge in Calaveras after completing his studies to become a psychologist and helps out youths and others in need. Trying to find a better purpose than just entertaining people. Keeping his past private and focusing on the here and now.




(2019-01-17) Netflix and Chatting

An overseas movie night!

(2019-01-03) Nice to Meet You

People getting acquainted in the cafe.

(2018-12-11) A Professional Courtesy

Two doctors discuss a case

(2018-11-30) Baby It's Cold Outside

A bunch of folk gather at the Java Junction to get out of the cold.

(2018-11-23) Karaoke Night

The Boardroom hosts its first ever karaoke night!

(2018-11-22) Milkshakes at Maude's

Maude's milkshakes are delicious. Especially the banana ones.

(2018-11-20) A Day at the Youth Center

Stan spends the day at the Youth Center, and runs into Esme and Eve (unrelated).

(2018-10-28) Morris Interrogation

John Morris, suspect in the Morris killings, is questioned by police and psychiatrist.

(2018-10-22) Interrogating Maria

Stan interviews the suspect in the Jiminez killings.

(2018-10-21) No Pressure!

This ain't your typical stint of grocery shopping.
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