Solveig Anette (Solo) Lokken
Age: 32
Occupation: Pilot (Smuggler)
Status: Moved in with Heather (Opportunist)
Played-By: Jennifer Lawrence
Misc: Misc

Solveig Lokken (Solo to her friends, if she had any) is a pilot, airframe, powerplant, and avionics certified mechanic, and owner of Aerostar Courier, a one woman/one plane operation serving the Rocky Mountain region hauling charter passengers and cargo. A former National Guard A10 pilot, a cursory Google search would show that Captain Lokken was not exactly honerably discharged 6 years ago. There was a minor scandal involving adultery, group sex, and conduct unbecoming and it made the papers. She was actually discharged for not maintaining weight.

Usually found at the hangar she rents with the Aerostar logo, or in bars, or occasionally in whatever digs she's begged, borrowed, or stolen in the cheap part of town.

Solo's business, if you counted the illegal income as well as the legal, is quite profitable. She owns her planes and stuff outright (amounting to two million dollars worth of aircraft and associated stuff) but she's deep in debt to the kind of people you don't want to be in debt to. They're soaking her for a million bucks a year, which is why she's poor. Her single, overriding goal is to discharge this debt in full in less than the 6 years it will take at the present rate. Breaking the law in order to do this is not a problem.


(2019-01-12) Catching Up

Heather and Solo spent their Christmas in Jamaica at a clothing optional resort. There may or may not be backposted scenes about that at some point, but in the mean time, they're back, still tan, and Solo's been to busy to drink even, so they've had little time to catch up and process their vacation together.

(2018-11-29) Bruises - Part Two

Part two of very long log. Still strapped in?

(2018-11-22) Meeting the 'Rents

Solo goes home with Heather for Thanksgiving. Things get complicated. Solo learns a great deal about Heather…and perhaps a little something about herself.

(2018-11-15) First Class Physical

Solo drops in on Uma to get a physical for her flight license.

(2018-11-08) Take Your Smuggler to Work Day

Heather shows Solo the station. They talk. Also kiss. Excitement!

(2018-11-02) Friends in Low Places

Natalia makes a deal. Solo's the product, among other things.

(2018-11-01) The First Hit's Always Free

Solo and Ginny talk. Solo offers Ginny a free familiarization flight lesson.

(2018-10-28) Laying Golden Eggs

In a moment of weakness, Solo admits to Heather what she really does for a living. In broad terms that will hopefully keep Heather out of trouble. (Ahahahaha! Right.)

(2018-10-26) Laughter Silvered Wings

Solo takes Heather flying.

(2018-10-23) Lots of Shady Characters

Solo was gone all weekend south of the border. Now she's back, with 130 kilos of cocaine. She's not keen on letting it sit around, for obvious reasons, so she meets up with the buyer, Natalya. A deal is made. Later, Heather calls. It's fairly obvious they're going to be sleeping together that night. If that's uncomfortable, just skip the phone conversation at the end. :)
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