Sevin Khan
Dr. Sevin Khan
Age: 52
Occupation: Professor
Status: Covering his tracks
Played-By: Alexander Siddig
Misc: Mathematics Professor at UCC

Sevin is newly arrived to Calaveras, and lives on a small acreage just outside of town with his two dogs. He teaches Mathematics, Physics and occasionally a mixed bag of other electives up at UCC, and can often be found at the local cupcakery or Java Junction getting his coffee fix. He generally seems to keep to himself, and isn't the most socially adept person, but under his gruff mannerisms seems to be a decent sort.




(2019-02-03) Kitchen Kibbitzing

A new tenant, chili, and chatter at the B&B.

(2019-02-02) What's Cookin'?

Saturday morning in the B&B kitchen, but it turns out Vyv's the one cooking there when Sam and Sevin arrive. August has a mysterious box…

(2019-01-28) Armed and Not-So-Dangerous

3 out of 5 ain't bad.

(2019-01-27) Naked Voices - Episode 2

Claire joins the three hosts.

(2019-01-26) Damn Fine Coffee

Saturday morning is a popular time to go get coffee.

(2019-01-25) Texts In the Night

August, alone in the B&B, sends a few texts while indisposed, and can't help meddling when an opportunity presents itself.

(2019-01-25) Sticky and Sweet

I can't even, too much going on.

(2019-01-25) Cinnamon Rolls

Kate, Layla and Sevin have coffee, while August turns into an agent of chaos.

(2019-01-22) Taco Tuesday

Oh shit, is that really Cash?

(2019-01-22) Kama Sutra

Someone take their phones away please.
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