Sarah Cassandra Stone
Age: 19
Occupation: College Dropout
Status: Single
Played-By: Eve Harlow
Misc: Lazy? Depressed? Or is something else going on?

Sarah Stone was once called the milkman's daughter. Her darker complexion and black. frizz prone, curly hair set her apart visually from her siblings. Sarah used to laugh it off. Now, if you call her parentage into question she might just slash your tires.

Before a drunk driver stole the majority of her immediate family, Sarah wasn't much of a standout among the Stone clan. She was second youngest of the children. She was smart, creative and driven to the point of single-mindedness. She took interests in fashion, hair, makeup. She learned to sew and made her own prom dress. These passions were well on their way to becoming a career until the crash. Sarah took a hard turn.

First, she decided to be an EMT but that wasn't enough. She wanted to be a doctor. She hyper focused on her studies and earned a full ride to Penn State. She entered into a difficult, accelerated program to gaining that MD. Between that and some bad blood with her older sister Katherine, she put Calaveras in her rear view. She never intended to return.

But she's back now. Why? She's being very cagey and vague. Something something close to home. Something something transfer. Who knows?


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