Samuel "Sammy" Bishop
Age: 32
Occupation: Owner of The Alibi
Status: Single
Played-By: Chris Starr
Misc: Misc

Sammy isn’t front around these parts and it doesn’t take rocket science to pick up on that. He’s clearly southern, and even more so, he’s clearly not a country boy. Despite that the man always has an easy smile for others and seems to have poured his heart and soul into scrubbing the thick film of desperation off the bar that was once known as Johnny Slims. It’s now going by the name ‘The Alibi’ and while it’s cleaned up and the bullet holes have been filled, it’s certainly not high end or even hip. It’s still a place to kick up your feet, have a drink and yes, the mechanical bull is still there, waiting for its next victim.

Sammy isn’t the kind of guy to talk about himself much, but he does seem pretty adamant about keeping trouble out of his bar and doing what he can to help the community, be it offering a helping hand to needy locals or giving a job to someone trying to get their feet back on the path of the straight and narrow.

Oh, and he updated the jukebox! Don’t worry, there’s still no Kanye in there.

The Alibi


The Alibi is a mix of neon beer signs and wood paneling coupled with a little bit of everything else. It may be considered a hot mess by some, but locals will recognize that even though the name has changed a few times over the years, and the building has switched hands twice as many times, the building itself carries all the memories (the good and bad) from the many lifetimes it's stood in Ash. Everything has been preserved (with exception to the blood stains and bullet holes), from the catty and somewhat vulgar messages in the bathroom to the signatures, photographs and knickknacks covering the bars walls. Even the jukebox in the corner has the same songs, though its reach has been greatly expanded with the most recent shift in ownership. Don't forget the dance floor and the mechanical bull, their pretty great too.

The place is almost always hiring, but at the moment Sammy is looking for a few people to sling drinks and shuttle them to paying customers.
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(2019-01-15) Underwear Snow

Snow drifts are the WORST.

(2018-11-07) Growing Pains

He may have cleaned it up on the outside, but the newly renovated and renamed Alibi Bar & Grill (once Johnny Slim's) is still experiencing some growing pains, but Sammy's taking it pretty well.
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