Sam Ryce
Age: 32
Occupation: Author
Status: 👍
Played-By: Brant Daugherty
Misc: 🤔

Conversations and jokes together, mutual rendering of good services, the reading together of sweetly phrased books, the sharing of nonsense and mutual attentions.

Sam is an author. Most of his success has come in writing and drawing graphic novels, but he does have several more traditional books published as well. They didn't have a lot of success when they were first written, but once his other work become popular they picked up. He writes under the pen name 'Robin Brooks'.

All of the art for his books is done digitally, but he'll often be found sketching to help himself think or just to pass the time. Pictures come easier than words, so it's a lovely way to procrastinate and still pretend that he's working.

His books have done really well, which in some circles makes him pretty well known. He attends a lot of conventions, signings and reading around the country and world. That said, he's also an author - so those who aren't fans likely haven't heard of him. Or perhaps just in passing.

August - Really only met in passing a couple times, but they were positive! I need to bribe her with some cupcakes to get a garage tour.

Claire - Enthusiastic, optimistic and mischievous. She may spend almost as much time at the coffee shop as I do. But, I'm determined to win that contest.

Esme - Every conversation I seem to learn something new. Smart and interesting. A librarian and author too!

Faith - Only met once, but it was a lot of fun. I don't think I've ever been so excited about cupcakes.

Katherine - Her work ethic makes me want to step things up. Likes books! Genuine and easy to talk to. In some moments I feel genuinely connected, and then others like I still hardly know her.

Layla - Finds what others want to make them happy. Seeks out what she wants too. I want to learn more and more. Dating your future roommate is a good idea, right?

Nolan - First impression was good. Seemed pretty grounded as far as former movie stars go and excited to be working in Calaveras.

Sevin - Another displaced New Yorker. More reserved than the locals, but pleasant enough.

Stan - Have had a few good chats, but he's not as gregarious as some. Sounds like he's doing important work with the local kids.

Warren - Could anyone not get along with Warren? The type of person that even after meeting a couple times would pick up the phone if I was in trouble.

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