Ryder Starr
Age: 26
Occupation: Horse Trainer / Cattle Roper
Status: Engaged to Lucky
Played-By: Brock O'Hurn
Misc: Hamrock Hills Resident

Ryder Starr is a member of the branch of the Starr family that manages the ranch. He grew up learning how to ride and later on how to train the horses both for work on the ranch and for the Rodeo, which his cousins are more involved in from the operational perspective. Instead, he is more in it for the competition. Always better with animals than people, Ryder was a quiet kid growing up. Big and strong, he often intimidated others around him because he kept mostly to himself and kept his thoughts to himself. He did well enough in school, however, and went on to study farm science, with a focus on animal husbandry, particularly for horses and cattle. It was while he was in college that he met Lucky. Lucky was one of the few people able to get through the walls of the rancher's son, and Ryder felt protective of the shy and retiring chandler. They found something in one another that they hadn't found in others.

So, when Lucky decided to travel to learn more about his craft, Ryder left the ranch for a while — which caused a bit of a stir with the family, to go along with him while he honed his craft. Now the pair has returned to Calaveras and Ryder has returned to the ranch to pick up horse training and rodeo riding once again. He's been out of the competitive circuit for a while, so is currently training once more to pick up where he left off, and to support Lucky in opening up his shop as they settle down and see what this new life is going to look like for them.

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