Royal Ransom Kelly
Royal Ransom Kelly
Age: 29
Occupation: Massage Therapist & Acupuncturist
Status: Single
Played-By: Natalie Dormer
Misc: New in town!

Royal is a 29 year old acupuncturist & massage therapist. She's just moved to town after purchasing a storefront via an internet ad, and is renovating it/drinking while she works through some serious buyer's remorse.

Originally from Kentucky, she moved to and served as an EMT with the Colorado Springs Fire Department for a time. Four years ago, that changed. A major fire in CSprings claimed the lives of several civilians & 3 firefighters. She took leave and never went back. She's only just left CSprings to come to Calaveras.




(2018-11-21) A Needed Break

Olivia decides to treat herself to a massage…in an eerie looking house.

(2018-11-17) Having a (Tropical Evening Charity) Ball

Food, drink, Polynesian dancers, zoo animals, protesters, the return of Calvin Shay, and multiple furious exits. Anything for a good cause!
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