Rory Michaels
Age: 24
Occupation: part-timer at Eternity/Secretly Assassin
Status: Single
Played-By: Ezra Miller
Misc: Thanatos
Recently came into town. Trying to find out what it means to live for oneself. Without a target or goal in mind. To actually find his zen. Rory2.jpg


(2019-01-11) Tax Break

Cheap drinks, lots of strippers, and apparently drama. Who knew?

(2018-12-24) Something Familiar

Olivia spends Christmas Eve hiding out at a strip club where she meets a suspicious worker.

(2018-11-26) A Safe Place

Genevieve and Rory cozy up to talk about 'Things': childhood, Natalya, family. Oh, and cartels too. That's wholesome, right?

(2018-11-23) Into the Den of the Lioness

Ginny's meeting of Rory's friend Natalya goes quite well. But there's still some heebie-jeebies.

(2018-11-17) NOT Vanilla..

Ginny and Rory have that second date, and share some facts.. and then some.

(2018-11-17) Advice for Casanova

Natalya offers Rory some dating advice.

(2018-11-15) Go Take a Hike

Acting on plans made a couple of days ago, Ginny and Rory go for a hike and chat.

(2018-11-13) Rumps and Grumps

It's like an episode of Cheers.. but with strippers!

(2018-11-08) Settling In

Natalya visits her tenant in the poolside bungalow.

(2018-11-06) Bodice Ripper Betty

Ginny and Rory make acquaintance, then go on a quest. Bet this summary and the title have you simply wondering.
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