Pepper Maebelle Mason
Age: 26
Occupation: Corner Cafe Owner
Status: Single
Played-By: Alyson Hannigan
Misc: Awkward

Pepper Maebelle Mason grew up knowing exactly what she would be when she was older. The Corner Cafe has been passed down through generations of Masons and, her several older brothers having itchy feet and leaving town as soon as they could, left the pressure of running the family business squarely on the redhead's capable shoulders.

Warm and friendly, nosy and meddlesome, the cafe is the perfect place for the daughter of Cheryl Mason, "entrepreneur", and Brick Mason, Lieutenant in the CPD. She grew up waiting tables at the cafe, learning to cook and then when she went off to college, she learned Business to come back and take over the business from her mother.

Her life has been a comfortable one, filled with family, love and laughter. Secretly though? What small town waitress doesn't dream of one day becoming a super star? There's an artistic streak in Pepper a mile long, though she doesn't show it often, being painfully self-conscious and awkward. But she has big dreams, and they don't all include expanding the Corner Cafe.

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