Padraig "Pate" McPherson
Age: Mid-40s
Occupation: Truck Driver
Status: Sober, for now
Played-By: Hugh Jackman
Misc: Misc

"Yeah, I know that guy. Keeps to himself, he does. Seems to like it that way. Think I started seeing him about the neighborhood a few years back. Truck driver, I think, but I ain't sure. Got this mean look in his eye? Don't really care for it much. And he has this weird accent, sounds like he's from England or something, I don't know. Real hard to figure out what he's saying. Why can't them foreigners just learn to speak American?" — A Neighbor in Cedar

Pate McPherson is seen here and there every now and again. Word is that he owns a house in Cedar, but he's hardly ever there. He keeps a nice lawn and doesn't cause trouble. He's the best neighbor you could ask for.

Those that know, though, understand why he's not at home. Business that happens under the cover of night often requires people willing to do the quiet things necessary to make sure that goods get from Point A to Point B. Sometimes, when a deal goes south, someone needs to hurt someone else. The fact that little is heard, if anything, is a good thing — and a testament to his ability to get things done without others noticing.

Some say he's ex-military; others, a school teacher from New York. Ask him, and he'll tell you: he's just a truck driver that keeps his nose out of others' business. Ask the right person, and they'll tell you: he does what he's paid for, if you can convince him that it's worth doing.

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(2018-11-19) Suddenly A Drunk Scotsman

Pate is cold, so he decides the best place to get warm is at the B&B.

(2018-11-14) Scot Road Truckers

Heather tries to convince Pate of the benefits of his own television show.

(2018-11-13) Rumps and Grumps

It's like an episode of Cheers.. but with strippers!

(2018-11-12) Miss/ter Snow Bunny?

Over dinner at the B&B, Heather mentions her plans to strike a blow for equality, sort of, with this year's pageant.

(2018-09-17) Feeling Nothing At All

First Introduction.
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