Parker Morrow
Age: 19
Occupation: UCC Sophomore
Status: Single
Played-By: Liam Hemsworth
Misc: UCC Hockey

Parker Morrow is a recent arrival in Calaveras, having transferred to UCC from the University of Calgary. His parents got a divorce and his mother decided to move back to Calaveras where she grew up and he decided to stay with her rather than with his father in Calgary. He's a hockey player and has a full athletics scholarship at the university.

He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and has always had a penchant for fixing and working with mechanical things. At home in Calgary they had a metalworking shop in their house that he used to work in. He no longer has access to the shop, but he might be looking for somewhere that he can use those skills. His father also raises horses, which is where he learned to ride.

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