Owen Whelan
Age: 30
Occupation: Performer
Status: Dating Edgar
Played-By: Travis Deslaurier
Misc: Downtown Resident

Owen grew up a typical middle class kid. He did alright in school, where he developed his musical talents by playing in various garage bands that fell apart, never able to keep one together for very long, usually due not to lack of talent, but due to drama. He studied dance as well, his parents encouraging whatever lessons he wanted to pursue. He also dabbled in karate, competitive diving, and lacrosse but none of them stuck. He always gravitated back toward the arts.

In his late teens, his father was diagnosed with cancer and declined rapidly in health. After his father passed away, his mother did her best to take care of the family on her own, but she was never the same after his father died. She simply faded away, and by the time that Owen was graduating high school, she took her own life, leaving him on his own to deal with their estate and take care of himself. He took up bartending at a local strip club, and eventually started dancing to get by. His musical career fell by the wayside, and while he has incredible talent, lacks the confidence in himself after all his failed band attempts, to make a serious go at music. Instead, he keeps on dancing, as he has for years now, because it makes the money that he needs. He still bartends as well, to make additional cash when he's not dancing.

He continues to work out and play recreational sports in order to keep fit, and continues to play music in small gigs from time to time, and has a serious karaoke problem. There is untapped potential in him, musically, but he needs to find the confidence ot make a real try at it, and get a foot in the door if he wants to get anywhere with it. Maybe he will.

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