Omri Whittaker
Age: 18
Occupation: Cultist
Status: Recovering
Played-By: Kyle Allen
Misc: Misc

Omri is a young runaway who ended up finding sanctuary in the Guardians of the Light movement. It's not a cult. It's a movement. It's NOT a cult.



(2019-02-04) Reaching Out

Calvin treats the local first responders to dinner and meets a lost youth. Then tells all his business in an effort to help.

(2018-12-16) Omri Speaks

Omri finally spills the beans on what he knows of the cult's compound.

(2018-12-09) Trust No One

Elizabeth finds Omri in the coffee shop.

(2018-11-24) Be Smart

Omri and Elizabeth have a chat. No Omri's were harmed in the making of this log.

(2018-11-17) The Rescue

The cult seek to rescue Joshua from the hospital.

(2018-11-16) The Fire Gets Hotter

Elizabeth is summoned by the cult and meets another member. And a plan to liberate one of the wounded attackers of the ranger station is formed.
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