Olivia Conchita Lopez
Age: 28 (Apr 7)
Occupation: FBI Agent
Status: Complicated?
Played-By: Eiza Gonzalez
Misc: "The difference between a cult and a religion is one outlasts its leader."

(OOC Information)

Olivia was born in New Mexico to a lower middle-class family of Mexican origin. Her parents were second generation American, her father even obtaining a position as Sheriff in the small border town they called home. Though coming from a large family, she never wanted for encouragement or affection, even though physical possessions were scant, and clothes were hand me downs. She did well in school though never one of the most popular; she was more likely to be found in the library or jogging around the athletic track than hanging out with the cool kids.

Olivia worshipped her father and developed an avid interest in his work – especially the gory bits – and law in general. As she grew older, she would often follow him to crime scenes, sneaking in to study and resolve for her own pleasure. The kind of odd thing that didn’t get her many friends, so she soon developed a loner attitude that she was happy to promote. In her last year of high school, her father was murdered investigating a Satan worshiping cult that had been kidnapping people across the border. Rather than wallowing in despair, this focused Olivia even more and a career in law enforcement was now a certainty.

A police officer in New Mexico, she was accepted into the FBI for both her enforcement skills and a deep understanding and knowledge of strange cults. A member of the Agency for a few years now, she is assigned to the Denver office, but with the crime rising in Calaveras, of which some is possibly linked to cults or similar groups, she is now working in the area. A small cabin outside the city is her base of operations, conducting her own investigations while also offering assistance to local law enforcement. At the moment, she has no authority over them, but will hope to call in their aid if it is ever needed.







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