Dr. Oliver Chadwick
Age: Late 30s
Occupation: ER Doctor
Status: PC
Played-By: Michael Dorman
Misc: "It is easy to get a thousand prescriptions, but hard to get one single remedy." - Chinese Proverb

Not bad-looking but rather unremarkable on the whole, that's Oliver. He clocks in at exactly average height, 5'10" tall, with a trim build that tends to make him seem a little taller, but rulers don't lie - not skinny, per se, but he's far from stacked. His hair is a bland shade of dark blonde (or light brown, could go either way), and his complexion is fair. Bright blue eyes would probably be called pretty, except there are permanent bags beneath them and heavy brows over them, making them seem bug-eyed. He wears a trim goatee-and-mustache, the same unremarkable color as his hair.

Oliver's casual kit includes jeans and a t-shirt of some sort, typically in dull shades of black or gray or navy blue. Even in the warmer months, he tends to sport a hoodie - and then, of course, he throws on a pile of layers when it's cold.


  • Emergency room doctor. So, if your toon is going to get shot or stabbed or exploded or whatever, feel free to nudge me. I might RP helping save their guts and stuff.
  • Bicycle guy. That annoying dude that rides a bike and slows down traffic.
  • Street pharmacist. If your character does drugs or wants to do drugs or needs a prescription filled or a referral to a doctor that could get a prescription filled, drop me a line. tl;dr - he sells drugs.


(2019-01-04) The Author, The Librarian, The Doctor

Esme, Oliver, and Sam hit the coffee shop and talk about their jobs.

(2018-12-29) Low Affect

Coffee philosophy, shared cherry pie, super cold weather.
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