Doctor Obadiah Constantine
Age: 29
Occupation: Neurosurgeon
Status: Alive, Single
Played-By: Chris Hemsworth
Misc: Misc

"Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered. Your time is short. When you know you have a time limit, why wouldn't you live your life to the fullest?"
- Doctor Obadiah Constantine

Obadiah Constantine was born to Zechariah Constantine (a Pastor and Mechanic) and Aliyah Constantine (A nurse) right here in Calaveras, Colorado. As a young man, Obadiah quickly displayed how intelligent he was. Always at the head of his class All A's everywhere he went. However, often because of how smart he was, he displayed minor social disassociation as achild. He was always alone, preferring to do math homework than hangout with the other kids. Regardless, While Zechariah may have been alone as a child, he took the Good word that his father taught him and the determination of his mother to not only show immense intelligence, but to move on from Middle School to high school early.

In highschool, Obadiah picked up a hobby of fixing up cars and vehicles, a trait of his father, who worked as a mechanic to help make ends meet. Eventually, Zechariah also got to graduate early thanks to his incredibly high grade scores. Though, after he saw a person break his leg in a bike accident and proceed to only know how to put a splint there, he realized his love for medicine. He graduated college with a Bachelors degree in Chemistry with a minor in Sociology.

The trailblazing that soon followed was one to remember. Thanks to his photographic memory he achieved an MD and PhD in Neurology with an additional MD in Neuroradiology. He soon got a very good paying job as a neurosurgeon at the local hospital in Calaveras. Among their best surgeons, Doctor Constantine often helps out in the ER side of things.


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(2018-09-13) A Delicate Situation

Katherine brings her sister into the hospital, Abby meets her. Obadiah and Julian make appearances.
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