Nolan Lenox
Nolan Lenox
Age: 39
Occupation: Morning Show Host
Status: Single
Played-By: Luke Evans
Misc: Former Movie Star

Public Knowledge

Nolan Lenox was a movie star. He was never in the running for any prestigious awards, having been in mostly action films, but he was finally up for a Golden Globe for his role as an inspector in a Jack the Ripper film, when he suddenly retired from acting at the age of 30. He disappeared off the radar for 5 years, before reemerging as a news anchor for a Denver TV station. His charm and good looks made him a big hit, and when Mitch Buchanan left "Wake Up, Calaveras", he took the chance on moving to the resort town to co-host the morning show.

Secret Knowledge

People are still asking why he retired on the cusp of greatness, but he's mum about it. The truth is, he had a kidney cancer diagnosis and underwent surgery to remove one of his kidneys. He then spent several years quitting smoking and changing to a much healthier lifestyle. He exercises daily, runs, cooks healthy for himself, and kickboxes. He's also been working on writing a book about his life, slowly, and carefully. He has been careful to hide his diagnosis, because he worries it will keep people from treating him normally.




(2019-02-01) Hot and Steamy

Vyv and Nolan meet in the gym sauna. Why, what were you thinking?

(2019-01-28) Snowstorm Food Drive

People gather at the Merrimack Homeless Shelter to donate, cook and flirt with Nolan. (You go gramma's)

(2019-01-25) Sticky and Sweet

I can't even, too much going on.

(2019-01-07) Buying Kindness

It's cold outside, so get coffee to get warm.

(2019-01-03) Meeting Nolan

Busy night in the B&B kitchen, much conversation.

(2018-12-31) Impromptu Makeup Crew

All the man wants is a hot drink and some peace.


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