Nina Zhuo 卓敏
Age: 24
Occupation: Financial Analyst
Status: Dating - Julian Walker
Played-By: Tian Lei Xi 田蕾希
Misc: Visible Minority - Chinese Ancestry

A financial analyst employed by TechEase, Nina is a recent transplant to Calaveras following that company's expansion into the Colorado market. While it's easy to see her as nothing more than another faceless cog in the corporate machine, Nina is genuinely curious about Calaveras and is determined to have a life more than just working at her cubicle.

Prior to her current assignment, Nina went to U.C. Berkeley, and worked at other companies in the San Francisco Bay area; maybe she has seen enough of the ocean and now wishes to have a mountain view.




(2019-01-23) Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Nina arrives for a short chat while August beheads a horse. Don't ask, it gets weird if you ask.

(2019-01-18) Tell me about Yourself

Over dinner, Nina reveals a bit more about herself to Julian.

(2019-01-03) Recovering

Julian gets better after the cultist attack.

(2019-01-03) Meeting Nolan

Busy night in the B&B kitchen, much conversation.

(2018-12-14) My Bloody Holiday

Julian's holiday season takes a turn for the worse.

(2018-12-12) Information Exchange

Nina arrives for tea and to provide polite advice.

(2018-12-07) Feeling Human Again

Julian brings Nina to his cabin, and reveals more of his past.

(2018-12-04) Doubling Up

Christmas is discussed as everyone has some nice, warm coffee.

(2018-11-30) Reaching Out

Discussions on corporate intrigue and death games.

(2018-11-27) Full House

When your doors are open to the public, you shouldn't be surprised when the public comes in.
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