Nicholas Henry Cartwright III
Age: 25
Occupation: Investor
Status: Single
Played-By: Chance Perdomo
Misc: Very British CEO of Cartwright Capital

Nicholas Henry Cartwright III was born to Nicholas (II) and Victoria Cartwright of Oxford, England. The Cartwrights can trace their family tree to House Windsor through a relative with a rather sordid past, making them distant cousins of the current Royal House. It is a point of pride, although there is quite a bit of massaging of familial history when it comes to the retelling of the branches with an incredibly casual forgetting that the cousin in question was involved with the house slave. The current generation of Cartwrights are seeped in money from successful business ventures; Nicholas' father, now retired, grew a prival estate private equity firm from infancy to brilliant success in under fifteen years while his mother, recently deceased, was a high profile corporate lawyer.

A graduate of business from the University of Cambridge, Nicholas took over for his father as CEO of Cartwright Capital and has used his youth and vigour to bring further successes to the firm. The firm specializes in angel investing with several lawyers on the team, likely due to the whisperings that the firm does not always operate within the strictest boundaries of the law. Nicholas himself is known to be cunning and determined.

Now, he sets his sights on Calaveras through his associates. Although Colorado was not his first (second, third, or even fourth) choice in American cities to visit, he's arrived in town to see what develops.



(2018-11-27) Sisterly Trouble

Sarah isn't acting like herself, but at least she's home?

(2018-11-27) Into the Fire

A quiet conversation in the late evening.

(2018-11-27) Full House

When your doors are open to the public, you shouldn't be surprised when the public comes in.

(2018-11-26) Cheshire Smile

A Nicholas arrives.


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