Nathaniel Kleyman
Age: Late 20s/Early 30s
Occupation: Associate Professor of Chemistry, UCC
Status: Not all burned up
Played-By: Seth Rogen
Misc: "Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." - Albert Einstein

Oh, he's about 5'11" tall with light brown hair, a beard, glasses, and he's on the chubby side. If the world was full of people with roguish good looks, he would stand out just 'cause he's the opposite: a pretty much normal-looking guy that could stand to drop a couple of pounds and have a shave. Nate's hair is light brown and cut without a care of style, just clipped till it's about an inch long on top; in between haircuts, it lengthens so the fuzzy mess proves to be made of thick curls. His eyes are brown behind a pair of plain black glasses, the frames a little thick; they're transitions, so they change to sunglasses when he's outside. He wears his beard trimmed but not really groomed, but it serves to make a soft chin and jaw look bear-like instead of pudgy.

It's easy to imagine Nate's routine for picking out clothes: Grab something clean, put it on. If it has holes in it, throw it away. In this way, he pretty much ensures that his wardrobe consists of a shirt, some pants, and whatever weather-appropriate gear is necessary for the day.


(2018-11-22) Milkshakes at Maude's

Maude's milkshakes are delicious. Especially the banana ones.
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