Natalya Maria Mendoza
Age: 30 (May 18)
Occupation: Socialite (Cartel Boss)
Status: Single
Played-By: Ana de Armas
Misc: "I came from a real tough neighborhood. Once a guy pulled a knife on me. I knew he wasn't a professional, the knife had butter on it."

(OOC Info)

Natalya Maria Mendoza was born in Mexico, one of many children of the infamous Carlos Mendoza. Carlos runs one of the larger, and most ruthless, drug cartels in the north of the country – El Meurtos (though nothing has been proved).

Natalya grow up pampered and spoiled; piano and gymnastics were her thing. She was also completely aware of the activities that happened around her and would often sit on her father’s knee to watch traitors being tortured and beheaded; it was a game to her. By her teenage years it was obvious there was something wrong with her – her moods would swing violently from ecstatic to depressed. She began to see the world like it was a comic book, believing that she was a supervillain who would one day sit above all other criminals. At the same time, she was learning the dark arts of the cartel; gambling, bribery, firearms, martial arts.

Natalya has frequently been under care since a rather bloody birthday party when her delusions caused her to snap. Not anywhere that would bring shame to the cartel, but more watched over and medicated by her own bodyguards. She still has her delusions and her manic-depressive shifts, but she has learned to hide them better. And when she bothers to take her medication, that helps too.

There are still watchful bodyguards, but she can shake them every now and then. And on those nights, she takes to the streets as Meurte, a mistress of death that strikes fear into anyone she can find.

The last few years have seen her brought, warily, back into the family business. As a reward for her ‘good behavior’, she has been sent to Calaveras to conduct business for the El Meurtos, along with her small team of bodyguards and assistants. It is not a big assignment by any means, and some may even see it as a way of getting Natalya out of the way, but she will do her best. And, sometimes, her alter ego will make an appearance to stir things up.






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