Age: 30
Occupation: Firefighter
Status: Widower (Single)
Played-By: Zac Efron
Misc: Misc

Mustang Hawthorne arrived in town in early October of 2018, as he accepted an opening in the local Fire Department. He's rebuilding himself from a loss that happened half a decade ago, and he is at a bit of a personal crossroads at the moment.

He was born and raised in a small town in Colorado, and sought a life outside of it. He married his High School sweetheart and got a football scholarship at SDSU. They had a little girl, and he graduated and became a Firefighter.

Fast forward to 25, when his wife and daughter die in a car accident, and he is seriously injured. It is almost a different life since then, and he has moved from Southern California in an attempt to move on and start over…if he can.


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