Missy "Misfit" Fitzgerald
Age: 30
Occupation: Depends on whose asking
Status: Dancing
Played-By: Kesha
Misc: "Dance is the language of the soul" - MJ

Alts: Katya, Esme, Ginger



(2018-12-10) Hostess to the End

A confrontation of sorts.

(2018-12-10) Cowboy Cookies

Gingerbread Cowboys

(2018-12-09) Ham & Sparkles

Dinner is served, and plans are made.

(2018-12-08) Tripwires and Swing Dancing

Xavier attempts to get his revenge and the way Misfit thinks/operates is revealed a little further.

(2018-12-04) Whipped Cream Mountain

Misfit and Katherine meet.

(2018-12-02) A Quick Shopping Trip

Misfit drops in at the Food4Less and finds an unwelcome face

(2018-11-28) It's Dangerous to Drive at Night

Xavier is heading back to Calaveras and has some very unwelcome company

(2018-11-20) of Glitter and Death Games

Misfit finds Xavier and they have a lovely little chat.

(2018-11-19) A Misfit for the Team?

Natalya summons a new arrival with a pedigree to discuss teamwork.
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