Mirelle "Elle" Merrilake
Age: 19
Occupation: Art Student
Status: Perpetually Annoyed
Played-By: Ruby Rose
Misc: Misc

Mirelle is the youngest child of one of Colorado's wealthiest families, and she's pretty irritated by it. The "youngest child" part, that is, not the "wealthiest families" part. Mainly, that's due to her father Obediah Merrilake's inveterate womanizing and multiple divorces, which ensured that by the time she was born she already had four older sisters and ten older brothers … and that's just counting the ones who are both legitimate and still living.

Being the youngest in a brutally competitive family filled with highly gifted financiers, lawyers, and MBAs isn't really all that much fun. There's pretty much nothing she can do that one of her siblings hasn't already done better. That's why, despite not having graduated from college yet, she's already dropped out of the game: she's a reckless, hedonistic party girl who's more interested in where her next high is coming from than in the struggle to seize control of the Merrilake Group. If she can aggravate her brothers and sisters in the process, that's just a bonus.




(2018-11-23) Post-Thanksgiving Java

A recovery session at Java Junction
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