Deputy Mike England
Age: 34 (Mar 22)
Occupation: U.S. Marshal
Status: Single (Wears wedding ring)
Played-By: Jeffrey Donovan
Misc: Texas Boy

Deputy U.S. Marshal Mike England is, for all intent and purpose a remarkably average individual on the surface. He blends easily into most scenario's and situations and is easily mistaken for any other middle aged man in modern day suburbia. In a few ways, that might be correct, in others it could never be more wrong. Mike served a respectable career with the Austin, TX Police Department and managed the SWAT team for a handful of years before transferring to the Federal sector where he became a U.S. Marshal.

His history with the U.S. Marshal's is a bit uncertain, though he is rumoured to have served as part of their Special Operations Group prior to whatever it is he does for the Marshal's now, and it likely has something to do with a particular situation regarding conflict with a superior officer. At least that's what the rumor says.

Local PD would know him as the U.S. Marshal liaison in Calaveras due to the increasing number of threats to safety and to verify and escalate Federal warrants as needed. Federal agents would likely know he works as the head of the local Witness Security Division and handler of local WitSec assets.



(2019-01-19) The Raid

Law Enforcement finally raid the Guardians of Light

(2018-12-19) Malakai's Revenge

Elizabeth gets taken by the cult after she's tagged in the shoulder with a bullet. Lonnie is an urban commando. Sully takes no shit. John and Misfit are scary. Wyatt keeps people from bleeding to death, and Mike just shoots people. It's chaos.

(2018-12-13) The Handler Arrives

Cassidy's handler from the US Marshals arrives to check on her.
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