Maxon "Max" Lentz
Age: 40
Occupation: A Good Door, Terrible Window.
Status: Totally Fine
Played-By: Jon Bernthal
Misc: New In Town

Having arrived in town in early February of 2019, Maxon shacked himself up in Ash Park, and has been seen de-molding and roughly renovating a trailer so it could be considered fit for human habitation. Anyone who is remotely regular to Peak Physique has more likely than not seen him there at varying hours of the day, the same going for both Java Junction and Maude's Diner. As for employment, you can usually find him doing a few night shifts as door security at some of the smaller establishments around the city, although those seem to be entirely on a temp basis.

"It'll be all right, my fine fellow," said the Otter. "I'm coming along with you, and I know every path blindfold; and if there's a head that needs to be punched, you can confidently rely upon me to punch it.”"

― The Wind in the Willows



(2019-03-10) Casual Violence

Bullets, Knives, Blood — oh my.

(2019-03-01) Trailer Park Art

Two denizens of the trailer park meet and discuss art and McDonalds.

(2019-02-27) Peak Physique Showdown II

Olivia takes on Jasper.

(2019-02-26) Five in the Morning At Maude's

Early morning or late night depends which side of the day you're approaching from, but either way a diner works.

(2019-02-24) Holdup at the Junction

Some jerks with guns try to cause trouble in the wrong coffee shop.
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