Maia Agatha Miller
Age: 30s
Occupation: Baker
Status: Happily Single
Played-By: Tabria Majors
Misc: Owner of 'Totally Baked'

Maia lived with her sister in southern California, coming to Calaveras when the girls were 10 and 11, raised by their paternal grandmother since the sisters were babies. Maia had an early affinity for cooking, often preparing the family meals with her Grandmother Agatha. Her father long out of the picture, her mother an enigma, the shaky foundations of her beginnings were balanced out by the abundance of love the girls grew up into.

After high school, Maia attended Colorado State, earning her degree in the culinary arts. She left after gradutation to work at restaurants of variable reputation and caliber, proving herself to be a force in the kitchen but refining that interest into skills more befitting a pastry chef.

A few years back saw her returning home to set up shop as a specialty baker that went well with the 'green rush' that was in full swing, along with the usual fare of a well-reputed pastry shop that focuses on cupcakes. Totally Baked is her baby, and she'd see it comfortably successful to the best of her abilities, but there's little in the way of expansive ambition; her work is an act of love, just like her childhood.

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