Age: 30-ish
Occupation: IT (Contractor)
Status: The government uses marriage to track you, fyi.
Played-By: Alessandra Lorido
Misc: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you.

A tall, curvy brunette - that's the quickest way to describe Maggie. Her complexion is dark, and well-suited to heavy eyebrows, wavy brown hair, and dark brown eyes; terms like 'smoldering' would probably apply, if it weren't for the fact that she mostly seems oblivious to things like hair product and make-up. Sure, if the occasion really calls for it, she can put herself together, but she's usually wearing maybe a little bit of chap-stick, and her shoulder-length hair is caught into a ponytail or bun or whatever. Also, she has resting bitch-face, which - when coupled with her generally careless appearance - tends to give her an air of stand-offishness.

Some random t-shirt, jeans, sneakers. If Maggie had a uniform, it would consist of those three items. Jacket, sweater, and miscellaneous outer-wear are added as needed.


(2018-11-01) Team-Building Pedicures

Andre is concerned that his two besties aren't getting along.

(2018-10-28) Pitch Meeting

Marcus and Maggie meet to discuss their progress in their personal battle against TechEase, and what their next steps are.

(2018-10-24) Let's be friends :)

The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

(2018-10-22) Hacks 4 Less

Maggie visits Marcus' shop and gets caught with her hand in the proverbial jar

(2018-10-19) Bad Times at the Java Junction

Open mic night is bad enough without heists and violence.

(2018-10-10) Bloodbath at Emerson Pharmacy

A robbery gone wrong. (ooc note: we were playing with the +combat code, sorry NPCs)
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