Madonna "Maddie" Hernandez
Age: 23
Occupation: Bartender at Johnny Slim's Last Chance
Status: Active
Played-By: Úrsula Corberó
Misc: She was named after 'Madonna,' and absolutely hates that. Call her 'Maddie,' or else!

Madonna 'Maddie' Hernandez is an anchor baby, but that didn't stop the government from taking her mom away. She was born in Calaveras to Victor Hernandez, a local miner, and Rose Cruz, his highschool sweetheart who came over to America later, illegally, and was deported back to Mexico when Maddie was 12 — where she was shot and killed, caught in the midst of a drug war in her hometown.

Ever since then, Maddie's father has been a wreck. Every day is the same thing: Heroin, booze, and passing out on the couch to re-runs of 'Cops'. He's verbally, and very rarely, physically abusive towards Maddie — she still loves him, though, and she definitely hits back.

She's moved out now, living in her own trailer in Ash Park, across from her father's. Victor's health is declining, both physically and mentally, and Maddie has basically become his caretaker. She even has to pay his rent, since he can't work anymore due to an old mining injury. This has been going on for a long, long, time and Maddie's been the money maker since she was in her early teens.

She can often be found at Johnny Slim's Last Chance, slinging beer and liquor to the locals.






(2018-09-22) Bar RP - darts and gender issues

Random bar RP including a dart game. Sadly, I lost the +rolls. :(

(2018-09-17) Flooding the Hospital

A flash flood sweeps through the lobby of the hospital

(2018-09-16) Ethan Saves The Day

More people pile into the Stone B&B for warm food and company.

(2018-09-15) Weathering the Storm

The B&B turns out to be very busy when the storm hit.

(2018-09-08) Crimson Coke

Maddie has a job for Vincent.

(2018-09-04) Questioning the Witness

After the shooting, the witness must be questioned.

(2018-09-03) The Great Coupon Conspiracy

A bartender, a veterinarian, and an ER doctor walk into a cupcake shop..

(2018-09-03) Cowboy Dubstep

A rowdy night at Johnny Slim's ends in tragedy.

(2018-09-02) The Spot

Maddie shows Luke a secret spot in the woods.


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