Dr. Lucas "Luke" Wright
Age: 32
Occupation: Veterinarian
Status: Alive
Played-By: Jensen Ackles
Misc: Owner of 'Paws & Claws Clinic'

Born and raised in Calaveras to an accountant mother and a rancher father, Luke developed his love for animals early in life. He was well known among the locals as the kid that was rescuing sick birds and other small animals in order to fix broken bones or nurse them back to health, and helped his father out on the ranch with the larger breed animals.

He left Calaveras when he was 18 after the death of his father, earning his undergraduate in Biology at Colorado State. He continued on to get his doctorate in veterinary medicine, utilizing the U.S. Army's Health Professions Scholarship Program to pay for it. He spent several years as an active duty Army veterinarian, working with military canines and humanitarian efforts overseas. During his active duty years, he was stationed in Fort Bliss in Texas.

He left active duty after returning home from his last deployment to Afghanistan. He returned to Calaveras shortly thereafter, to care for his ailing mother and open up his own veterinary practice, Paws & Claws. He remains a U.S. Army reservist and does his one weekend a month, two weeks a year in Colorado Springs.

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