Lucky Berks
Age: 26
Occupation: Chandler
Status: Engaged
Played-By: Froy Gutierrez
Misc: Hamrock Hills Resident

Lucky was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan, raised by his Uncle and aunt after his mother and father died in a car accident along with his older brother. He's never really been outgoing, or even all that interesting, but he loves trying to make others feel better. So, when he decided to work on making soaps, and perfumes as well as candles it didn't come as much of a surprise to his aunt.

He decided that he'd travel the world a bit, and after his second year of college he transferred to UCC finishing up his standard English degree, and meeting the love of his life. Lucky's partner was studying farm science and was already an established rancher, rough and rugged, a bit distant from others but he thought the world of the shy guy, who never really thought of himself. And so the pair decided to cling to each other trying to grow, and make a life together. They traveled a bit while Lucky tried to finish learning about his craft and becoming better, but now they've come back and Lucky intends on getting married, and opening his candle shop.

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